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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Soundtrack of My Life

My blog challenge assignment this week is to list songs that have defined certain moments in my life or that apply to my life right now!  At first I thought this would be easy, but…I got caught up in the memories and I had a hard time deciding which moments/songs I wanted to use!  I finally came up with a comprehensive list of songs that highlighted/defined all sort of moments in my life.  Here they are:

1.        Against All Odds by Phil Collins
This song always makes me think of a guy I had a schoolgirl crush on (my first real crush)—he was 2 or 3 years older and a complete hottie…at least my 12 year old eyes thought so!  Nothing ever came of that crush; but I can’t hear that song without him coming to mind.
2.       Anything by New Kids on the Block
I’m an admitted teeny bopper and I loved every minute of it (still do if the truth be known!).  On concert days my friends and I would go downtown when they were in town and run around from about 10:00 a.m. until the concert started.  We haunted the hotels looking for the guys.  Got lucky a couple of times too…no not that kind of lucky J, we ran into Donnie Walhberg in the elevator of his hotel, Jordan Knight on the street getting out of a limo and taking pictures of the crowd, and Tommy Page (opening act) and his dancers in the lobby of the hotel.  Actually, I almost knocked Tommy down the stairs!  I was coming down, he was going up.  I wasn’t paying attention…thought NKOTB was in the lobby and I was moving fairly fast….next thing I know I’m knocking into someone and I stop to apologize and there he was!  My friends laughed at me the rest of the day!  Those are some great memories.
3.       Everybody Dance Now by C&C Music Factory
Best dance song EVER!  Loved driving down the road with my friends with this song blaring!
4.       One More Night by Phil Collins

Prom Theme song.   I had just turned 18 and “real” life hit me in the face!  I wanted just “one more night” to be a kid with no worries, no responsibilities, and no bills!

5.       Amazing Grace
This song means so much to me.  Amazing Grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.  I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind, but now I see.”  How wonderful to know that Jesus found me and saved me.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without Him.
6.       It’s Never Easy to Say Goodbye by Wynona Judd
My best friend passed away at the age of 23 (years ago) and this song has given me so much comfort.  When I get down or feel lonely I put this song on and think about her and how it didn’t matter how many miles separated us or how long it had been since we had seen each other, our friendship was always the same.  I take great comfort from the chorus “It ain't easy, To ever say goodbye,  It ain't easy,  Lettin' go of the ones you love,  But believe me, Begin by and by,  If not here,  Then somewhere up above”.  I know someday I’ll see her again, and it will be like we’ve never been apart.
7.       I Get Knocked Down by Chumbawumba
This song was my anthem for so many years!  When I would get “knocked down” by life, people, etc, this song gave me the guts to get back up on my feet.
8.       Brown-eyed girl by Van Morrison
Reminds me of my daughter.  She has such beautiful brown eyes.
9.       Have I Told You Lately that I Love You by Rod Stewart

My husband’s and my song.  We heard it on a date and it’s been ours ever since.

10.   Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

The first time I heard this song, I realized all that I had gone through in my life had led me straight to my husband.   I realized that even though I couldn’t see the signs, God was leading me right to where I needed to be.  We danced to this song at our wedding reception.

11.    Mayberry by Rascal Flatts

My middle son loved this song, and his one request when I was planning my wedding was that we would dance to this song.  Still one of my favs!

12.   TNT by AC/DC

My husband is a huge AC/DC fan and he loves this song.  When my youngest son was about 8 months, my husband had it playing and he went wild over it.  It only took the first note or two for him to know that “his” song was on.  He would stop whatever he was doing and dance along. 
There are so many more songs that I could probably list, but these are the ones that stick out for me.  Maybe at another time I’ll sit down and add to this list.


  1. this is such an amazing post..and I love the thought that was put into this!! I would definitely make a layout for this would be a great memory to include in your book of me!

  2. great memories with this songs, love phil collins too!

  3. Great songs....some of them bring back memories for me too. It was hard when I did mine to narrow them down too. So many to choose from, and I have a song for everything. lol

  4. You really put a lot of thought into your choices and I'm so glad you shared the stories behind each song. I really liked your song choices, especially the Rascal Flatts.

  5. These are some great songs and I can see why they'd have meaning in your life.. some of them I'd be able to put on my list too... fun list! Loved reading why they were meaningful to you!